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NOV Chart for .NET

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NOV Chart for .NET

NOV Chart for .NET is an advanced charting control, which can display a myriad of charting types
including Cartesian, funnel, polar and pie charts.

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NOV Chart for .NET
Advanced Chart component for .NET application development

NOV Chart for .NET is an advanced charting control for .NET, covering a vast feature set of charting types for presentational, business, scientific, financial, real-time monitoring, statistical and other types of applications.

NOV Chart for .NET enables developers to create state-of-art interactive dashboards for Windows and Mac OS from a single code base. The control offers a large set of impressive features like data zooming, scrolling, panning and hit testing, blazing fast performance, superb image quality and many others.

Some of the major features of the Chart control are:
  • Complete set of 2D charting types (supports 50+ charting types)
  • Advanced chart axes model - categorical, linear, logarithmic, date time, timeline axes.
  • Non-overlapping data and axis labels.
  • Resizable chart layout support with docking, anchoring, percentages etc.
  • Export to PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PDF
  • Interactivity - data zooming, data panning, axis scrolling, tooltips, hit testing etc.
  • Fully 4K / high resolution compliant.
  • Hardware-accelerated (GPU) rendering based on OpenGL.
  • WYSIWYG printing support.
  • Import Charts into NOV text documents, or other NOV content
NOV Chart is part of NOV for .NET Enterprise and Professional Editions, and can also be purchased separately.