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Shape Chart

The Shape Series is a powerful rendering series that displays a wide range of customizable shapes in a 3D chart. With this feature, you can define the centers and dimensions of the shapes to create complex and visually engaging visualizations. The Shape Series is commonly used in fields such as architecture, engineering, and manufacturing, where it can be used to visualize complex structures and designs.

Sample Table Format

Data PointShape TypeDimensionsCenter
1 Sphere 10,10,10 5,5,5
2 Cylinder 10,10,10 5,5,5
3 Cube 10,10,10 15,15,15

In this table, each data point represents a shape with a specific type, dimensions, and center. The Shape Series uses this data to render the shapes in the 3D chart.

Best practices for using shape charts

  • Use appropriate data: The Shape Series is ideal for displaying 3D shapes with user-defined centers and dimensions. Ensure your data meets these criteria before using this series
  • Choose the appropriate chart type: The Shape Series is available in various charts, including bar, column, and area charts. Select the chart type that best fits your data and visualization needs.
  • Customize the appearance: The Shape Series allows you to customize the appearance of the shapes, including color, shading, and texture. Use these options to enhance the visual impact of your visualization.
  • Use axis labels and titles: Use axis labels and titles to provide context and make it easier for your audience to understand your data. Ensure that the labels are visible and legible.
  • Use lighting: The Shape Series supports lighting options that add depth and realism to your visualizations. Experiment with different lighting options to find the best fit for your data and visualization needs.