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Nevron User Interface for .NET - 2012 Vol.1 Release

Nevron User Interface for .NET 2012.1 introduces:

  • New NFolderLookup Control
    Shows a dialog that allows the user to select a folder.

  • NTabControl and NTabStrip
    Both controls can now display the close button on each tab by setting ShowCloseOnEachTab and HasClose properties to true.

  • NDockingToolbar
    The default commands in the NDockingToolbar context menu can be customized.

  • NContextMenu
    The user can set a different Font property for each command in the content menu.

  • NComboBox
    The control has been extended to support empty strings.

  • NMdiChild
    NMdiChild control has new property RestoreBounds which keeps the restore bounds of the control when it was minimized/maximized and then restored.

  • Speed and Memory Optimizations
    All controls have been optimized for speed and memory usage in this version.