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Nevron Open Vision - everyone benefits from using the NOV GUI Toolkit.

Whether you are a Developer, Project Manager, or Component Vendor - NOV opens new horizons for you and your business. Explore the benefits this platform has to offer:

For Developers

For Project Managers

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Gain Reusable Knowledge and Source Code

Reusable knowledge

With NOV you no longer have to learn new APIs whenever you start a new project with a different GUI library (WinForms, WPF or Xamarin.Mac).

What’s more, is that with NOV you’ll also be able to simply copy-paste your code when you switch the GUI and simply recompile your application. The fact that NOV fully supports Xamarin.Mac also allows you to quickly migrate your desktop apps to Mac. Currently, NOV is the only set of GUI controls that allows you to do that.

Writing code for multiple presentation frameworks that simply works everywhere allows you to have reusable source code and knowledge.

Gain Tangible Knowledge

Tangible knowledge

Are you sure that the GUI Framework you’ve based your application on will be supported in five or maybe ten years in the future? Big companies often discontinue UI frameworks or simply stop developing them, even though you have invested heavily in the development of applications that use them. The fact, however, is that every time you start a new app you need to worry about the lifetime of the GUI Framework it is based on.

With Nevron Open Vision you don’t have to worry about the future of a particular .NET GUI Framework. That’s because NOV allows you to quickly switch the framework as your source code depends on the NOV APIs – which we strive to keep constant in time. That way your code and investment are protected from the constant changes in the GUI Frameworks.

Based on Open Standards

Open standards

Nevron Open Vision is based on proven, time-tested and open standards such as W3C DOM, CSS, SVG, PDF, TrueType, Unicode, RTF, and many others. All the terminology and API functionality should be already familiar to you if you have prior experience with HTML or Desktop front end development.

This also gives you additional assurance that your choice to use NOV is sound because it is based on ideas and standards everybody else has accepted as universal.

Crafted by Professionals

Crafted by professionals

Nevron Open Vision is not simply a collection of UI controls. It is a set of controls that share a common design, ideology, framework, and quality standards. This is what makes NOV an exceptional product. All the controls in the suite are crafted with attention to detail and have an unrivaled depth of implementation for every advanced feature.

Nevron Open Vision was developed by the Nevron A* team, which features several of the world’s leading experts in Typography, Graphics, and Web Browser Engines. It is indeed a masterpiece made by professionals with 20+ years of experience.

For Developers

For Project Managers

For Partners

Customer Quotes:

QUOTE I really like the fact that standard windows icons are provided with the NOV Ribbon example, avoiding the need to recreate the wheel and giving a more professional appearance. Using the provided Visual Studio NOV solution, it is fairly straightforward to add custom icons with a few extra simple steps. The gallery of C# examples for all controls makes it easy to create custom layouts. For the handful of customizations I could not find in the examples or user forums, the tech support responses got me going within a day. UNQUOTE

Jay Wilson
K2realm, LLC