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NOV Schedule for .NET Features

Main features overview of the NOV Schedule for .NET

Great Performance

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NOV Schedule for .NET has been optimized to use hardware acceleration, multithreading and proprietary optimizations for superior user experiences.

Fully styleable, customizable and extensible control

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As part of NOV Framework, NOV Schedule for .NET can be presented with one of the many built-in themes styled with CSS. Additionally, each aspect of the NOV Schedule for .NET can be customized via CSS. Here are some out-of-the-box styling options:
  • Various Fill Styles - solid color, linear and radial gradients with 2 or more colors, advanced gradients, hatch, embedded or online image.
  • Advanced Stroke Editing - edit any stroke or line on the header, ruler or in the grid choosing between solid, dashed, dotted, etc. lines and specify the begin/end cap of the line.
  • Advanced Text Style - adjust text size, font, color, stroke, transparency, etc.
  • and many more...

Built-in dialogs for editing appointment and schedule component properties

Nov schedule editors small

NOV Schedule for .NET comes with built-in dialogs for adding appointments and setting recurring events.
  • Add appointment dialog - add name and description for appointment, set date & time, select category & time marker, etc.
  • Recurring events dialog - set recurrence of event (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), set time, reminder, etc.

Two built-in command UIs – ribbon and command bars

NO V schedule ribbon or command bars small

Choose between Microsoft Office-like ribbon UI or command bars that mimic the commanding logic of Microsoft Office 2003, Visual Studio etc.
  • The Ribbon UI - is fully customizable and scales its child widgets automatically based on the available area. The resizing of the ribbon is fully customizable as well.
  • The Command bars - can contain any other widget, and have support for many advanced features. Specific subtypes of commands bars include Menu Bar, Tool Bar & Status Bar

Built-in views

NO V schedule views small

NOV Schedule for .NET comes with four built-in views – Day, Week, Month and Timeline.
  • Daily View - detailed daily view for the current day or user-specified date.
  • Weekly View - summarized weekly view, supports grouped view.
  • Monthly View - summarized monthly view, supports grouped view.
  • Timeline View - events displayed in horizontal or vertical timeline.

Orientation support

Nov schedule horizontal and vertical view small

NOV Schedule for .NET supports horizontal and vertical orientation for all views (Daily, Weekly, Yearly and Timeline)
  • Horizontal - time (hours) ruler is displayed horizontally on top and the day/week/month is displayed vertically on the left.
  • Vertical - time (hours) ruler is displayed vertically on the left and the day/week/month is displayed horizontally on top.

Zooming and scrolling

Nov schedule zoomed in small

NOV Schedule for .NET offers full support for zooming and scrolling, including anchor scrolling (i.e. scrolling with the middle mouse button pressed).

Appointment categorization

Nov schedule category time marker small

NOV Schedule for .NET offers two appointment categorization types: via categories and via time markers.
  • Categories - are used to mark the entire appointment box and change its appearance (each category uses a different color).
  • Time markers - are used to mark one's availability throughout different appointments (free, tentative, busy, etc.)

Multi-level grouping

NO V schedule grouping small

NOV Schedule for .NET provides support for 2 types of groupings:
  • Date Range Groupings - group appointments based on their start and end time. The currently supported date range groupings are Day groupings and Week groupings
  • Grouping appointments - the process of assigning one or more pairs of group name and group item to an appointment.

Snapping of appointments

Nov schedule appointment snapping small

NOV Schedule for .NET supports the function "snapping of appointments" which if enabled makes the appointments snap to the ticks of the time ruler when moved or resized.

Rich interactivity support

Nov schedule appointment dragging small

NOV Schedule for .NET comes with rich interactivity support, including (but not limited to): Rich interactivity support – dragging appointments to resize or move them, dragging of multiple appointments
  • Moving appointments - users can drag appointments to change their start and end time, as well as the group and group item they are associated with.
  • Resizing appointments - users can drag the start or the end of an appointment to change its duration.
  • Editing appointments - when an appointment is double clicked an appointment editor opens.

Flexible recurring appointment support

Nov schedule recurrent events small

Nevron Schedule provides support for two types of appointments: one-time appointments and recurring appointments. It automatically generates the occurrences of a recurring appointment for the currently viewed date range. The NRecurrenceRule contains the following properties:
  • Frequency - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
  • Interval - defines the interval of the recurrence. The interval unit for hourly rules is hour, for day rule is day, etc.
  • Start - defines the start of the recurrence range.
  • End - defines the end of the recurrence range.
  • Max Occurrences - specifies the number of time the recurring appointment occurs.
  • Excluded Dates - specifies the dates and times excluded by this recurrence rule.

iCalendar format

Nov schedule icalendar format small

Support for loading and saving data to the popular iCalendar format, which makes it possible to import and export calendar data from and to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar and other popular calendar applications.

Print support

NO V schedule printing small

NOV Schedule for .NET allows you to print page content to a user selected printer.
The Print exporter has options allowing different page arrangement inside the printer page, as well as control over the size of the print document pages.


NO V schedule export small

Export to PDF and various image formats (PNG, JPEG, Bitmap)
  • PDF - The PDF exporter has options allowing different page arrangement inside the PDF page, as well as control over the size of the PDF document pages.
  • Image - export page content to an image file or stream. The supported image formats are PNG, JPG, JPEG, and BMP.

Documentation & Examples

Nov schedule documentation small

NOV Schedule for .NET comes with detailed documentation and programmer's reference, as well as multiple examples with source code you can paste directly in your project.