Nevron Gauge for SharePoint - 2014 Vol.1 Release

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Following is a summary of the new features introduced by the Gauge for SharePoint 2014.1 release:


The Gauge Web Parts now use the highly optimized Nevron Chart for .NET 2014.1 charting engine. This leads to rendering performance improvements.

Customer Quotes:

QUOTE Nevron Vision for SharePoint provides us with a fully featured chart design tool, flexible and easy to use data connectors and a simple cost effective licensing model. These combined features have enabled our developers to quickly and efficiently create a wide range of charts from MS SQL views to SharePoint lists. The Nevron Vision for SharePoint feature set has enabled our company to produce all required charts in-house, reducing development costs and providing us with a quick ROI. UNQUOTE

Paul Savvides, System Assistant
Saudi Petroleum Overseas Ltd.