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Scale Breaks

Scale breaks are a valuable tool for improving charts' readability and visual appeal, particularly when dealing with data that varies greatly in magnitude or includes large values that skew the scaling of the rest of the data. By allowing users to skip a range of data on the axis, scale breaks increase the visual space available for the remaining data, making it easier to interpret and analyze.

Nevron Chart offers complete support for scale breaks on all types of axes in both 2D and 3D modes, providing users with complete control over the scale break position and style. This feature enables users to customize their charts to suit their specific requirements, allowing them to skip data that is of no interest and focus on the data most relevant to their needs.

Whether you need to display data that varies greatly in magnitude, reduce the impact of large values on the scaling of the rest of the data, or skip data that is of no interest, scale breaks can help you create visually appealing charts and easy to interpret. With Nevron Chart's comprehensive support for scale breaks, you can take full advantage of this feature to improve the readability and impact of your charts and gain valuable insights into your data.