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Legends are essential in data visualization as they help understand data and recognize trends. Nevron Chart offers various built-in functions that customize legends' appearance and positioning within charts.

Nevron Chart allows developers to place legends anywhere in the window and adjust their appearance for improved readability. Series can be assigned separate legends, enabling the display of multiple data sets and their respective legends simultaneously. They also can be docked in chart panels, root panels, or other panels, with developers able to select the docking position, panel, and bounds mode.

Nevron Chart allows also customize the legend's content alignment and expansion mode according to the user's preferences. Moreover, they can choose and customize mark shapes to make the legend more readable and user-friendly. They can stand out and draw attention to key information by highlighting specific data points.

With Nevron Chart, developers can customize the legend's alignment and expansion mode based on their preferences. Additionally, they can select and customize mark shapes to improve the legend's readability and user-friendliness. This allows users to emphasize specific data points and highlight key information.

Nevron Chart offers a broad range of built-in functions for positioning and customizing chart legends. With the ability to assign legends to series, dock them in various panels, and customize their appearance, users can create dynamic and informative charts that are visually appealing. The mark shapes feature further improves the legend's readability and usability.