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Nevron Diagram for ASP.NET

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Nevron Diagram for ASP.NET

The industry leading .NET diagramming component available for ASP.NET Web development.
An advanced solution for any ASP.NET application that needs to display interactive flowcharts, diagrams and maps.

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Nevron Diagram for ASP.NET
Delivering advanced diagramming and graph displays to your ASP.NET Web applications

Nevron ASP.NET Diagram sets the standards for ASP.NET diagramming controls by delivering advanced features and web based interactivity with pure, zero footprint HTML.

The ASP.NET Diagram control will enhance your .NET Web-based applications by adding intuitive, user-friendly and interactive diagrams. Extend the Diagram to provide sophisticated graphs for your specific business needs.

Nevron Diagram is suitable for displaying Flow Charts, Organizational Charts, Maps, Visio-like diagrams, Process Control Diagrams, HMI Interfaces and other business diagrams. The component can generate complex diagrams directly from your data and automatically layout them.

Some of the key web related features of the control are:

  • Diagram zooming, panning, client side and server side events, custom commands and requests, client side image maps, automatic update and others.

  • Support for serving of static and animated images in various image formats – PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PDF, SWF (Flash with animations), XAML (Silverlight), SVG.

  • Build in diagram Toolbar.

Customer Quotes:

QUOTE Nevron has provided us with a high quality drawing and diagramming tool at a relatively low cost. It serves as an essential component to our KeyCSM product, allowing us to create a fresh and intuitive user experience. UNQUOTE

Philip Child, Services Manager
Keynetix Ltd