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Nevron Diagram for WinForms

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Nevron Diagram for WinForms

The industry leading .NET diagramming component for WinForms desktop applications.
An advanced solution for any desktop application that needs to display interactive flowcharts, diagrams and maps.

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Nevron Diagram for WinForms
Delivering advanced diagramming and graph displays to your Windows Forms desktop applications

Nevron WinForms Diagram sets the standards for WinForms diagramming controls by delivering advanced features, rich interactivity and impressive visual looks.

The WinForms Diagram control will enhance your .NET desktop applications by adding intuitive, user-friendly and interactive diagrams. Extend the Diagram to provide sophisticated graphs for your specific business needs.

Nevron Diagram is suitable for displaying Flow Charts, Organizational Charts, Maps, Visio-like diagrams, Process Control Diagrams, HMI Interfaces and other business diagrams. The component can generate complex diagrams directly from your data and automatically layout them.

Some of the key WinForms related features of the control are:

  • Ready to use Controls - the WinForms Diagram comes equipped with several ready to use controls, which can help you create a standalone diagramming application in minutes.

  • Diagram Tools - the Diagram takes a radical approach towards processing the user gestures in both drawing and library views. All UI events are processed via tools, which are maintained by a controller, assigned to each view. This helps you easily configure the way, in which the user interacts with your diagram.

  • Advanced Visual Aids - the Diagram has the industry leading support for visual aids like: Previews, Snapping, Grid and Rulers, Auto scrolling.

Customer Quotes:

QUOTE I am impressed with the product and considering that I have been developing for 10 years and not bought a single component because I have never been very impressed with quality and functionality – that is saying something.

I almost exclusively use Nevron Diagramming. I am most impressed with the speed, and after that the object model is well thought out, very flexible, and often goes the “extra mile” to provide a function that is really annoying to have to write yourself, but is relatively easy to be included.

Aubyn Crawford
Visual Integrated Solutions Ltd.