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Nevron white paper using maps in diagrams

Nowadays the globalization process is stronger than ever and many companies sell products and services all over the world. That's why software applications in many areas need to provide geographical and mapping information to the end users. World's most popular format for storing such information is the ESRI shapefile. There are hundreds of freely available ESRI maps on the web and now you can easily take advantage of them using Nevron Diagram and its integrated mapping features.

Nevron white paper layered graph layout

The layered graph layout algorithm aims to highlight the main direction or flow within a directed graph. This layout algorithm is very appropriate for hierarchically organized diagrams, organization charts, etc. Nevron is pleased to present you the NLayeredGraphLayout class which implements the layered graph drawing algorithm within Nevron Diagram.

Nevron white paper orthogonal graph layout

There is only one layout algorithm that can produce a nice drawing of almost every kind of graph. This is the Orthogonal Graph Layout Algorithm. As you can expect its unmatched power and universality come with a price – it is very complex and extremely hard to implement. That’s why Nevron is proud to present you the NOrthogonalGraphLayout class which implements the orthogonal graph drawing algorithm.

Customer Quotes:

QUOTE We started to look for a diagram solution that combines functionality with facility of use and professional look and feel. The aim is to let our system operators to create group management rules in the most intuitive and easy, yet attractive way. We have chosen Nevron Diagram Library because we found it the most complete solution for our needs.

We are almost finished with the implementation ... the library already exceeded our expectations and the results are better than we have planned.

From the programmer's perspective... the Diagram is very well structured and object oriented. It can be easily integrated into even big size projects.

From the functionality point of view... the speed and automatic layout features is a big plus of the Nevron Diagramming library.

The big challenges we faced so far during development were guided by Nevron support. They are very prompt and willing to help us every time we ask for technical assistance.

Ioan-Cristinel Istrate, Software Engineer
TBS Holding AG