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SSRS Chart Power & Cumulative

Power, Cumulative

The Cumulative Function, or CUMSUM, is a powerful mathematical tool to calculate the cumulative sum of elements within an input array. This function is widely utilized in various fields, such as finance, statistics, and data analysis. By providing an array of values, CUMSUM enables users to efficiently obtain the running total of these values up to a given point. This function can significantly simplify analyzing and interpreting large datasets, making it a valuable tool for researchers, analysts, and professionals.

The Power Function, also known as POW, is a mathematical operation that raises each element in the first argument to the power defined by the second argument. For example, when the second argument is 2, the function performs the squaring operation on each input array element. This results in a new array where each element is the square of the corresponding element in the original array. This operation is commonly used in various fields, such as engineering, physics, and computer science.